LED Facade Case study

Esprit is a world-renowned fashion-wear enterprise with global branches spreading across all Continents.  Clear Dawn had the honor of becoming Esprit’s main supplier for their Shop Fittings requirements, based on our sincerity and experience in metal works, in the year of 1987.  Till now, we are still making efforts and working together with Esprit for their new branding image and Corporate Identity System (CIS).

Esprit’s newly acquired flagship store was inaugurated on Hong Kong’s Peking Road in October 2009. The flagship store utilizes 3 vertical panes of the existing building and had it clad over with in-built LED façade, proudly produced by Clear Dawn. Each vertical pane measures approximately 28.7m in length and 12.7m in height. A total of 535 aluminum panels were used, each panel being 5mm thick and totaling to a surface area of 1096 sq meters for this LED facade.

The foremost concept of this façade was to create fashion awareness for passing pedestrians, and to accomplish that, an interactive television-like wall will be able to capture that additional attention. For the correct effect, not only colour LEDs were extensively used, a total of 26,391 pieces of crystal glass lenses were incorporated in as well. The lenses, concaved and 4” in diameter were able to produce a magnification effect on the LEDs’ colours and reducing glare as well.

Apart from just being a plain video wall screening fashion-wear news and information, this façade is able to project live pedestrians as a form of interactive display with consumers.

This never-before-seen effect has helped Esprit’s brand image advance tremendously. Together with massive media coverage both locally and globally, Esprit has created a huge impact on their competitors and consumers.

With special visual sensory effects, it excites consumers’ interest and creates discussion, thus bringing in unlimited business opportunities.