Patent Development – German Tarpaulin Eyelet Machine Case study

Tarpaulin Eyelet Machine is a patented product from a German manufacturer and this eyelet machine is considered as one of the best that Clear Dawn’s proud to be part of and as their fabricating preference company.  This machine can be classified to be an industrial revolution for this decade. It’s a small handy tool/device that can easily replace huge stamping machinery in any factory of today. Hole punching, riveting, and removing of rivets can be simply completed just by using this same tool. This eyelet machine, not required to be operated by any professional technicians, can punch holes of 7 different diameters ranging from 8mm-40mm, thus saving on stamping machineries’ moulding costs, and most importantly on manpower costs and time.

The eyelet machine is fabricated with SNCM 6series material, an alloy that is completely different with those used during the manufacturing of general machine tools.  With this material, hardness set at ± 1 HRC, precision processing is high, and durability is prolonged. This machine is produced via (lost) wax casting process and then precision-cut by CNC machines in ensuring the precise dimensions are met and will be functioning properly.

Clear Dawn stands strong above numerous manufacturers in the Asian region and has been authorized to fully manufacture and develop this outstanding product. We would like to take this opportunity to share this outstanding product to you.