High Speed Rail Case study

Clear Dawn has been manufacturing and supplying high quality hardware components for Mass Transportation systems and train parts for many years till date, both internationally and locally.

With ample experience, Clear Dawn has been meeting with our customers’ precise specifications and requirements for all projects and we do strictly implement ISO 9001 Quality Management System’s regulations at all levels of production works.

Clear Dawn is a group of close-knitted companies, well-experienced in the field of international logistics and is able to deliver every shipment to our customer’s appointed shipping port or work site safely and quickly.  Clear Dawn has all the necessary know-how and therefore is able to control production procedures systematically and always delivering high quality end-products to all our cliental. Paper documentations, including drawings audit, sample making, laboratory testing, third-party certification, mass production and shipping are all part of the services we provide. 

Clear Dawn provides technology integration and project solutions, we simplify procedures; focus on superior quality, time management and reasonable costings for our cliental to have that competitive edge over THEIR competitors. We strive to make a win-win situation for both our cliental and our company