Our mission is to be the perfect LINK between the client’s need and Product Design Resource. With the robust electronics product supply chain in Taiwan, we discover, innovate and supply to industrial needs. For specific project, we can do customized system integration for our clients. You are welcomed to propose your requirements.

Marketing Manager: Vincent
Email: link@cleardawn.com.tw

MLiS -Make Life Simple

MLiS, makes life simple series, bringings together GSM, GPRS, 3G, ZigBee wireless communication, industrial design and customize support, to facilitate the creation of real-time information infrastructure, that helps customers optimize business processes, drive growth and improve their work and life efficiencies.

Our Partner introduction

Schmidt & Co., (Hong Kong) Limited, a subsidiary of Schmidt Electronics Group, was re-established in 1953 and has since built an enviable reputation in IT and electronic industries in Asia Pacific region. Today, Schmidt has become a leading system integrator and proprietary product provider offering innovative yet competent Cashless vending, power remote monitor (AMR), as well as industrial wireless solutions provided by Schmidt MLiS series.

M2M wireless terminal

ZigBee Terminal
  • Product Name: MLB-Z1001 ZigBee Terminal
  • Product ID: MLB-Z1001
  • Product Name: WWAN MLB-G1101 2G/3G DTU
  • Product ID: MLB-G1101 2G/3G
  • Product Name: WWAN MLB-G3002 3G terminal
  • Product ID: MLB-G3002
  • Product Name: WWAN MLB-G3001 Quad Band GSM/GPRS terminal
  • Product ID: MLB-G3001
  • Product Name: WWAN MLB-S-BGS2-BW GSM/GPRS terminal
  • Product ID: MLB-S-BGS2-BW