New Brass Plumb Bob obtains patents in USA, Taiwan and China.

Clear Dawn Co., Ltd has dedicated in researching and developing new hardware products in recent year, the one that be praised most by popular is Brass Plumb Bob that with internal spring device, which to reduce the tip damage that caused by dropping. Clear Dawn Co., Ltd patents this new Brass Plumb Bob in USA, China and Taiwan.

Plumb bob” or plummet” is a weight, usually with a  pointed tip on the bottom, which is suspended from a string and used as a vertical reference line, or plumb-line. Plumb-bobs are used to provide vertical datum lines for most of the tall building measurements. A section of the scaffolding would hold a plumb line that was centered over a datum mark on the floor. As the building proceeded upwards the plumb line would also be taken higher, still centered on the datum. Many cathedral towers, domes and spires still have brass datum marks inlaid into their floors in order to signify the center of the structure above.The early skyscrapers would use heavy plumb-bobs hung on wire in their lift wells. The weight would hang in a container of oil to dampen any swinging movement, functioning as a shock absorber.

Clear Dawn Brass Plumb Bob comes in a lightweight design and is for use in framing, deck building, plumbing, transiting location and in construction applications. “The polished-lacquer solid brass construction is rust resistant and durable; the plumb bob's long and slender profile allows for easy storage. And the replaceable hardened steel tip provides longer life.”  Mr. Jerry Liao, the CEO of Clear Dawn Co., Ltd, pointed out the feature of Clear Dawn Brass Plumb Bob.

Besides, easy replacement is also a main advantage of Clear Dawn Brass Plumb Bob. We just remove the cap from the Brass Plumb Bob and use the cap to be a tool to unscrew the tip at the bottom of the plumb bob. And we may use a 1 inch long nail to substitute the tip.

Clear Dawn Brass Plumb Bob is machined of solid brass, fully polished and lacquered.  Its removable top cap that used with 5/64" (0.078) braided cord is designed for easy tip replacement. Clear Dawn Brass Plumb Bob conforms to CE and UL standard.

Furthermore, the tip internal spring device at the bottom of the brass plumb bob is praised by popular. The tip internal spring device would absorb the impact when the plum bob drops and touches the ground, that to reduce the damage of the tip. This invention obtained several patents in USA (US6.948.253B1), China (509451) and in Taiwan (199670).

Clear Dawn Co., Ltd is a leading professional manufacturer in this field. Not only has Clear Dawn approved by ISO 9001 and made the products conform to world standards (AISI, ASTM, DIN and JIS), but also Clear Dawn has exported their products to all of the world, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, China and West Europe.

As an outstanding producer and expert in parts and hardware, Clear Dawn will always catch the pace of modern technology and will do the best to provide customer the excellent quality products and fast delivery service to achieve the utmost satisfaction from world-wide customers.