LED Screen Series

LED in/out door wall decorations, screens, signs
Clear Dawn is promoting a 3x6ft. 4x8ft.absorbing LED-lighting module, on which 78 3-inch-diameter LED lamps line up in matrix arrangement. The module can be interlocked one another to constitute a gigantic outdoor signage or a screen wall for decoration purpose.

The lamp is made up of a red-green-blue LED package and is encased by a tempered domed glass case, enabling it to create an attractive dot-matrix look on
the module in the dark. In the daytime, the lamps, glowing in the daylight, give a modern touch.

The company has recently completed an 84m x lOm signage foreign for a customer, and the customer has seen a business surge thanks to the big screen displaying motion pictures of its image and products.
The company offers built-to-order service. (KL)