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Power Box

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We are a professional supplier and manufacturer of Power Box products in Taiwan. 

Clear Dawn can accept to produce the power boxes and electric cabinets with special welding, such as outdoors waterproofing engine cases and anti-corrosive electrical boxes.  According to customer’s requirements, we can manufacture the products with multi-layer functional design and the aluminum alloy framework, and special externals and sizes.

We use SUS 316L stainless steel plate with powder coating that conforms to JIS, ASTM, DIN standards.  The product is suitable for the outdoors communication facility and the transportation equipment, such as the system control box at the bottom of the MRT train, and so on.  It can be free from the sun, heat radiation, rain water, air, dust, and so on to ensure the normal operation of the system and prolong the life cycle of the equipment.

We sincerely welcome you to provide us with the drawings and specifications to let Clear Dawn work together with you to save the cost and improve competitive quality.

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Power Box