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We are a professional supplier and manufacturer of titanium and titanium alloy parts products in Taiwan. 

Because the titanium alloy has superior physical properties and mechanical properties, it has been widely used in various industries, such as aerospace industry, People's livelihood industry, vehicles industry, biomedical industry, energy industry, chemical industry, marine industry, electronic industry and computer industries, and so on.Properties of Titanium Alloy Parts1. Physical properties:

low specific gravity, light weight, small thermal-expansion coefficient, nonmagnetic,high resistivity, low thermal conductivity.

2. Mechanical properties: Anti-high temperature, small metal fatigue (high fatigue strength), high toughness, high intensity.

3. Chemical properties: Corrosion resistance, creep resistance, oxidation resistance, nontoxicity, bacteria resistance.Clear Dawn specialized in manufacturing the fasteners and special parts made of titanium alloy by the CNC machining.  It is no need to use the mold and does not have restriction on the minimum order quantity that may reach various prototype patterns with a small quantity of multiple demands.  And strict implementation of the ISO 9001 quality control is to provide with all the necessaries of engineering fasteners and components, and to conform to the excellent quality in accordance with JIS, ASTM, DIN standards.

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