WWAN MLB-G3002 3G terminal from Clear Dawn Co., Ltd.

WWAN MLB-G3002 3G terminal

Product ID:MLB-G3002

The MLiS MLB-G3002 Dual Band 2G/3G terminal is a compact terminal that is designed for wireless M2M communications.

The MLiS MLB-G3002 terminal uses the RJ45 Connector to provide power and data communication interface.MLB-G3002 is a Dual Band 2G/3G terminal, supports Java platform.

The MLB-G3002 terminal can be used to provide a wireless communication link to many applications, including metering, fleet and asset management, vending, security and alarm monitoring, e-maintenance and other telemetry applications.

WWAN MLB-G3002 3G terminalWWAN MLB-G3002 3G terminal